April (next tour Queenstown)

Euro/South African
Curly brunette

 April looks like she's just stepped out of a renaissance painting with her long legs, hour glass figure and nice round bottom! When April walks into a room, all heads turn and everybody naturally gazes upon her. Her pretty face is framed by the most amazing hair we've seen - full of curls and volume. 

She is a mature and confident young woman who loves to take the lead. She has a passion for art, dance and fashion, more recently exploring a career in modelling.  Her love of people and making them feel comfortable in their own skin means you'll find her very easy to get on with and conversation just seems to flow.  April's enjoyment of pleasing other people, will mean she will make you feel like the only person in the room.  She loves the art of touch and you'll find her extremely tactile and full of affection. 

A bit of a sucker for chocolate and a glass of wine now and then, April loves to indulge in the bedroom and loves nothing more than a hot, steamy shower with lots of passion and flirting,  She recently just finished a training course for sensual massage, so add this to your bedroom time and you'll be fully relaxed and turned on. Although nurturing and playful, don't be fooled, it's not just her hair that needs taming ...she's a lioness with a wild side that loves to be explored! Ask her about some of her fantasies and I'm sure you'll both have fun exploring them together!

Perfect for: playful GFE


$350  45mins              $450  Hour

$550  75 mins             $650  1.5 Hours

$850  2 hours              $1200  3 Hours

3 hour + every extra hour $400